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February 5, 2024

CAREER OPPORTUNITY – Senior Manager – First Nations Procurement

First Nations Procurement (FNP) will be a revolutionary pathway forward to engage with Indigenous businesses to offer niche-targeted services to realize the minimum requirement of a 5% Indigenous procurement target across the whole of the federal government and other public service sectors.

First Nations Procurement will play a key role in the procurement and supply chain sectors in Canada by identifying and responding to procurement gaps that non-Indigenous organizations have struggled to address. The initiative will provide a suite of services that will strengthen both the Canadian and Indigenous economies in Canada. These services will be offered to the First Nations business community, Federal Government Departments, the broader public service, and corporate Canada sectors, including:
1) Procurement Education and Training
2) Research and Development (First Nations Procurement and Supply Chain)
3) Procurement Marketing and Promotion
4) Business Certification, Business Directory and Audit
5) Data Collection, Reporting and Communication

The Position
The Senior Manager, First Nations Procurement (FNP) will be responsible for the implementation of the First Nations Procurement initiative in collaboration with National Indigenous Organizations and National Indigenous Economic Organizations to advance First Nations procurement in Canada.

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