Become an Entrepreneur

NACCA supports First Nations, Métis, and Inuit entrepreneurs by providing funding for Aboriginal businesses and communities through Aboriginal Financial Institutions (AFIs). When entrepreneurs start new ventures, they take on all of the risks – and rewards – of launching that business.

A strong partnership between the entrepreneur and the local AFI is critical for success. In addition to developmental lending, AFIs provide support services such as business loans, non-repayable contributions, financial and management consulting, and business start-up and aftercare services.  Visit our AFI page to find your local financial institution, or use the form below to contacts us and we’ll help you out.

We encourage entrepreneurs to visit the following websites for helpful information:

Please note that NACCA does not necessarily endorse any of the above resources, they are presented for informational purposes only.

To find out more about how to secure financing to become an entrepreneur, fill out the form below to contact your local AFI.

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