Indigenous Procurement Working Group

The Indigenous Procurement Working Group is pleased to present the procurement research and public policy papers, including a Summary Paper, to inform discussions on how the Federal Government can meet Indigenous procurement targets.


NACCA Indigenous Women’s Entrepreneurship (IWE) Program
NACCA Indigenous Youth Entrepreneurship (IYE) Program (coming soon)
NACCA Videos
NACCA Strategic Plan 2017-2022 (PDF)
NACCA Annual Report 2018-19 / 2019-20 (PDF)
NACCA Annual Report 2016-17 / 2017-18 (PDF)
2010 AFI Job Cost Efficiency Analysis (PDF)
Archives (coming soon)

The Conference Board of Canada – Report Commissioned by NACCA/BDC

NACCA and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) commissioned a study of the financial ecosystem that provides support for Aboriginal entrepreneurship in Canada:

  • Project Summary: Opportunities to improve the financial ecosystem for Aboriginal entrepreneurs and SMEs in Canada
  • Research Module 1: Aboriginal entrepreneurship in Canada
  • Research Module 2: The impact of developmental finance on Aboriginal Entrepreneurship and Economic development in Canada: Insights from NACCA and BDC
  • Research Module 3: Barriers to Aboriginal entrepreneurship and options to overcome them
  • BDC Website

National Aboriginal Economic Development Board (NAEDB)

Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB)

United Nations

Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)


Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada:  The Community Well-Being Index: Summary of Trends in First Nations Communities, 1981-2011 (LINK)

Financial Institutions


Social Planning Council of Ottawa:  Entrepreneurial Support Services for Immigrant & Visible Minority and Aboriginal Communities (PDF)

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