Indigenous Women’s Entrepreneur Program

Indigenous Women’s Entrepreneur Program

Indigenous women are, and always have been, at the very heart of our communities. Entrepreneurship represents a promising pathway for Indigenous women to enrich their lives, strengthen their families and participate in the development of their communities.

The Indigenous Women Entrepreneurship (IWE) Program focuses on building the capacity of AFIs and developing tools, resources, and supports for Indigenous women to build or grow their businesses.

There are five main pillars for NACCA’s IWE Program:

    1. Research on Indigenous Women’s Entrepreneurship
    2. Role model campaign to spotlight successful and inspirational Indigenous women entrepreneurs
    3. Business tools and resources that are tailored to reflect the culture and circumstances of Indigenous women
    4. Workshops, training and mentorship on business and entrepreneurship
    5. Financial support for Indigenous women who want to start or scale a business

Check out our research reports on Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs in Canada


For more information about NACCA & the IWE Program, please contact Magnolia Perron, Indigenous Women and Youth Team Lead, at or 613-688-0894 (ext. 502).


This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency of Southern Ontario.

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