IFI Achievements and Impact

AFI Achievements and Impact


  • The average IFI’s repayment efficiency rate is 95%.
  • The consolidated IFI gross loan portfolio supports 13,000 FTE jobs on a continuous basis.
  • Through the Aboriginal Business Financing (ABFP) program, 11 IFIs provided $20.1 million in funding for 608 Aboriginal businesses.
  • Through the Aboriginal Capacity Development Program (ACDP), 39 IFIs accessed $832,000 of learning and development funds.
  • Through the Interest Rate Buy-Down (IRB) program, 8 IFIs had drawn down on established lines of credit to finance $1.7 million in developmental loans.
  • Through the Aboriginal Developmental Lending Assistance (ADLA) program, IFIs provided 792 developmental loans with a value of $32.7 million.
  • Through the Enhanced Access (EA) program, 3 IFIs provided $1.3 million for 8 loans in developmental lending to Indigenous entrepreneurs in remote, non-IFI serviced locations.
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