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December 11, 2023

CAREER OPPORTUNITY – Indigenous Youth Entrepreneurship – Youth Coordinator

NACCA, the National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association, is a network of over 50 Indigenous Financial Institutions (IFIs) dedicated to stimulating economic growth for all Indigenous people in Canada. NACCA’s goal is to provide opportunities for Indigenous entrepreneurs and increase prosperity for Indigenous people in Canada.

The Indigenous Youth Entrepreneurship (IYE) Program seeks to increase the number of Indigenous youth engaging in entrepreneurship and business development in Canada. The program involves building the capacity of the IFI network and developing tools, resources, and supports for Indigenous youth to undertake entrepreneurship to build or grow a business.

The Youth Coordinator will work closely with the NACCA Indigenous Women and Youth Program Manager to facilitate the successful implementation of the Indigenous Youth Entrepreneurship (IYE) Program through its network of Indigenous Financial Institutions (IFIs) and support the day-to-day operations of the ADAAWE Business Hub in Ottawa, ON.


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