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May 16, 2022

Indigenous Procurement Working Group

The Indigenous Procurement Working Group is pleased to present the procurement research and public policy papers, including a Summary Paper, to inform discussions on how the Federal Government can meet Indigenous procurement targets. This work builds upon the announcement made by Minister Anand on August 6, 2021, implementing a mandatory requirement for Federal departments and agencies to ensure a minimum of 5% of the total value of contracts are held by Indigenous businesses by 2024.

The purpose of these papers is to underline the importance of Indigenous procurement, as not an exercise in “supplier diversity,” but rather as economic reconciliation. As an act of reconciliation, the journey to include Indigenous peoples as meaningful participants in the Canadian economy will require changes to the procurement status quo.

Each of the recommendations within these papers, taken collectively, would effectively support every Federal organization to procure at least 5% of its goods and services from Indigenous businesses by 2024. They should be viewed as an informative roadmap that will help the Government of Canada to start their journey of increasing Federal procurement from Indigenous businesses.

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